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Techniques: How to Go Down on a Woman

Heterosexual women love guys that go down on them. Gay women love women that go down on them. Bisexual women love men and women that go down on them. Get the picture? Cunnilingus is a really enjoyable activity for most all women, no matter their sexuality. It is a very intimate act and feels great. Lots of women prefer it to penetration.

Sometimes our cultural upbringings have taught some people that this is a dirty act, that women "smell". But these are all myths and old attitudes. With good hygiene, the smell of a woman will certainly be unique but that doesn't mean its bad. All depends upon how you look at it. Embrace it. It smells and feels great.

The foundation of cunnilingus is mouth action. It's kind of a cross between kissing and sucking. Know your anatomy - actually better cunnilingus is when you delay getting to the clitoris as long as possible and you spend time first on stimulating all the other areas - breasts, stomach, inner thighs and then the mons pubis, labia majora, labia minora, and perineum. So much to cover before you even get to the clitoris! Another thing that makes cunnilingus so enjoyable for your partner is to feel and express enjoyment yourself. Moan and tell her how great it feels from your end. Use your tongue to play and explore. Trace letters of the alphabet with your tongue. Curl your tongue and slide it in and out. spread the outer vaginal lips (Labia Majora), open you're your fingers and then force your tongue between the inner vaginal lips (Labia Minora) and wiggle it in lapping motions trying to reach as deep as you can. Then pull back out and flick the clitoris hood, then and push deep in again, then repeat these motions as many times as you are able. This can be tiring on the tongue and jaw but there are so many other pleasure points on a woman's body that an imaginative lover can rotate through them and never really tire out. Flicking the tongue on the clitoris can be a "final stimulation" that brings her over the top, but only if the shiny little nub has been neglected prior and the arousal has been through other body parts. If you use the clitoris during tongue fucking you should back off when you notice that she isn't responding as violently as in the beginning. Hold the clit in reserve to be used as the trigger to her orgasm. Keep in mind that the clitoris is super sensitive and should only be "flicked" at crucial times as she gets closer to orgasm. The problem with too much concentration on the clitoris is that she will become somewhat desensitized if it is over stimulated and then you lose a great trigger at the point of orgasm.

A supplemental massage can be done with the chin. While catching your breath the chin can be used by rubbing it against the woman's outer vagina lips. Bury your chin between her slick lips, spreading them slightly, and rotates your chin slightly grinding her. You can also run your chin up each side of the pussy lips and kiss her there. That can feel really nice.

Hands and fingers are an important part of Cunnilingus. The secret is to keep up a pace, not necessarily on one spot, but a pace that stimulates the general area. Get your woman to tell you were it feels best, keep asking and make a note of it. The fingers are a great stimulation tool and so is the palm of your hand. The palm can be used intermittently directly against the vaginal lips and the fingers can be used to jerk her off.

Keep one thing going until you feel or hear a response such as groaning, muscle tightening (like her thighs pressed to your ears), arching of her back or curling of her toes. Then switch to another thing. Keep it all building. Don't rush and if you feel her orgasm building, don't stop. If you get tongue fatique, replace with a finger for a bit.

Some women are very sensitive once they have orgasmed and its painful to have further stimulation directly on their clitoris. Other women are much more likely to have prolonged or many orgasms in a row with oral stimulation and continued pressure on the clitoris enhances this. Read her signs and keep going even beyond the first orgasm.

Some optional ideas:

  • add a vibe. while licking her insert a vibrator or dildo into her vagina
  • ass play. if she's open to it, use your saliva as lube to rub and insert your fingers or butt toy into her anus. Be sure and read our article on anal sex
  • breath mints/cough drops. have a mint or menthol drop in your mouth to give both her and you a refreshing tingle during oral sex
  • dental dams. these are small latex sheets placed over the vulva to create a barrier to body fluids while performing oral sex
  • dessert. eat sexy foods off of and out of her
  • humming. it sends subtle vibrations through the whole area
  • mons massage. the mons is the mound of skin which is found on top the pubic bone above the vaginal opening. Take one or both of your hands and carefully touch the mons and surrounding area much the same way you would massage someone's shoulders. Be careful with the amount of pressure and the broadness of your movements
  • G-Spot. combine oral stimulation with G-Spot stimulation. Read our article on the G-Spot

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