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Definition: Gonorrhea

Gonorrhea - is caused by a bacteria that is spread by direct skin to skin sexual contact. The bacteria thrives in dark, moist, warm, mucous membrane areas of your body. If they are exposed they die immediately. People who are infected generally have signs and symptoms. Other infected people will be totally unaware that they have Gonorrhea and can spread the infection to their sexual partners. If you perform oral sex on a person who has genital gonorrhea, you can get the infection in the back of your throat. You may notice a sore throat and a pus-like discharge. See your doctor. Gonorrhea from anal sex may have some discharge, itching and burning, but most of the time it is not diagnosed and treated. If you notice symptoms, see a doctor.

The symptoms show up in 2-10 days and include a thick yellow-green discharge from penis or vagina, burning pain when urinating, and frequency of urination. In infected women who remain untreated, the bacteria can move to the Fallopian tubes, set up an infection called Pelvic Inflammatory Disease or PID. This may cause extreme pain so typically the woman then will seek out medical advice and get a diagnosis and treatment. But if there is no pain, an abscess forms which may become scar tissue that completely or partially blocks her tubes. This may result in sterility because an egg cannot pass through her tube to be impregnated by a sperm. Or, if the tube is only partially blocked, small sperm can pass by the partial obstruction, impregnate an egg, but the fertilized egg cannot pass the scar blockage. The egg will grow for up to 8 weeks, then the tube ruptures - Ectopic or Tubal pregnancy occurs, which requires immediate surgery and even then they can't save that tube.

In males, the bacteria pass through his urethra down to the Vas, the little tube connecting urethra to the testicles. Left untreated, an abscess may form within 4 weeks, then scar tissue which blocks the vas. Sterility results because sperm cannot pass this scar tissue. Surgery is available to remove the scar tissue in males.

Diagnosis is done by a swab which is sent to a Lab, but if your doctor suspects Gonorrhea, they will "test and treat" immediately to prevent complications and the risk of spreading the disease. Treatment is simple, massive doses of antibiotics. Do take all the pills prescribed to ensure a cure, and you must be retested.

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