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Definition: G-Spot

G-Spot - is a small area about 1 inch diameter inside the vagina, up about an inch and half to two inches. Appropriate stimulation will cause the female to take a deep breath and push down real hard. Most women describe the sensation as feeling they want to urinate or have a powerful urge to bear down, similar to how childbirth feels.

During G-Spot orgasm, a large amount of fluid may suddenly gush out through the urethra. It is difficult to estimate how much fluid is expelled as it is different for different women. The G-Spot fluid is colourless, it smells sweet like clover (not like urine), and it does not stain the mattress, whereas urine certainly does. There is still some discussion of what is in the G-Spot fluid and some women have a combination of clear fluid and urine, to varying degrees.

Before attempting to stimulate a woman's G-Spot, the woman should empty her bladder and it helps to lay down a towel or a plastic bag cut open flat underneath a beach towel or something similar. She should be well relaxed and already sexually stimulated and turned on before attempting the G-Spot. It's important not to rush forward into fingering her. Instead insert one or two fingers and gently but firmly press against the front wall of her vagina. Starting about an inch or so up start making "come here" motions with your fingers against her vagina, or if that doesn't feel good to her, press firmly moving your way up. You're looking for an area that is either swollen or a very different texture (some people describe it as feeling like the ridges on the roof of your mouth just behind your front teeth). Once you hit this area try the come-hither motion, or pressing and rubbing, while at the same time giving her clitoral stimulation. Or while she is giving herself clitoral stimulation. The idea is to try and transfer the pleasure from just clitoral stimulation to a combo of clitoral and G-Spot stimulation.

Every woman who has experienced G-Spot orgasm has a different way of getting there. Some women say they have easy G-Spot orgasms with one partner and unable to get there with another. Some women are able to stimulate themselves to G-Spot orgasms but can not with a partner. Take the pressure off! Some women ejaculate on a regular basis, some can make it happen on occasion and for others it is an amazing accident. And some women just do not ejaculate at all. But sex is pleasurable and enjoyable and satisfying if you do or don't hit that elusive G-Spot. Have fun with it.

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