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Definition: Anal Sex

Anal Sex - involves penetration of the rectum or anus by erect penis, vibrator, butt plug (or other sex accessory) or fingers.

It is a misconception that anal sex is a gay male activity. There has been growing popularity for this practice among heterosexual males and females. The anus was not designed to have objects thrust into it like the vagina is and anus sex is considered a high-risk activity so it is important that proper precautions be taken for the safety of both partners.

Risks: Vigorous thrusting that may occur during anal intercourse can tear the anus mucous membrane which can then, because of the presence of bacteria in the anus, can get infected. Many sexually transmitted infections (STI's) can then be transmitted via these tears. There is risk of developing a "fistula", which is a fissure in the rectum that develops into a crack and can eventually extend out the wall of the bowel and form a sort of channel into nearby organs where feces can then flow outside of the bowel and in other organs (such as the vagina for a woman).

Safety Tips:
  • Don't feel pushed into having anal sex if you are not comfortable doing it.
  • If it hurts, stop. The pain is there to tell you something and should not be ignored or over-ridden. Your partner must be able to immediately respect and act upon whatever your "stop" word is.
  • To avoid injury, avoid forced penetration and vigorous thrusting.
  • Use a condom, not matter what your status is, no matter how exclusive your relationship. Every time.
  • Lots and lots of anal lube. Not saliva. No spermicides which can irritate the rectum.
  • For women, avoid getting feces in the vagina, which can cause infections. Never switch from anal sex directly to vaginal sex without taking off the condom used in anal sex and putting on a fresh one. It is also recommended to wash your hands with soap and water after handling a condom used in anal sex as you could still spread infectious disease via the bacteria that may end up on your hands.

With safety precautions and preparation, some couples really enjoy the pleasures of anal sex and some couples find it disgusting and dirty and painful. Prior experience and cultural upbringing in our families all play a part in what attitudes we have now towards the practice. What is important to understand is that it is never advisable to try and talk a partner into this activity who is relunctant or not interested or afraid of it. All you can do is ask and talk about why or why not, but if your partner says not, then respect that. If it is to happen, it MUST be a mutual uncoerced choice.

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