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Definition: A-Spot

A-Spot - is the male equivalent of the G-Spot for women. Stimulating the A-Spot is done by stimulating the prostate gland via the rectum. This can be done by manual stimulation or gentle use of a vibrator or dildo. The prostate is very sensitive and any rough stuff can be very painful, possibly dangerous so being gentle is important.

One way a woman can stimulate a man's a-spot is to put a condom over the index and middle finger and lubricate them well. Then touch around the rectum till it is relaxed enough to allow easy insertion of one then two fingers. You will feel another sphincter (ring of muscles) about 2 inches up the rectum. It may take a minute or so for these muscles to relax. Be gentle! Then when your fingers can go up about 3-4 inches gently, you will feel his prostate. If is firmer than surrounding organs (feels about the size of a walnut) and is very sensitive. You can then crook these two fingers towards his abdomen and gently stroke. Be sensitive to if this is pleasurable or painful for him. Respect any "stop" word he has. If its pleasurable, it will likely result in a satisfying orgasm and ejaculation.

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